About Us
Foshan Union Machinery Co.,Ltd,was found in Nov 8th,2001 , located in the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta, South China industrial city --- Foshan, union company  is specialized in the production of hydraulic machinery and equipment manufacturers.
Union company has a hydraulic cylinder Division, Division of hydraulic machine, the Water Conservancy hydraulic headstock gear Division, Automation Division, Light Industrial Machinery Division and auto parts division, has a set of "machine, electricity, liquid, high-quality integration technology research and development team and a wealth of practical experience, professional production management team, and the implementation of a comprehensive information management.
Union company's main business is hydraulic machinery and equipment research and development and manufacturing, the main products are: each series of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic station, hydraulic, hydraulic headstock gear, automation equipment and production lines, light industry, environmental protection equipment, automobile spare parts, such as.
Over the years the union company has to adhere to the spirit of a good reputation, strict management, professional skills, innovation, brand products and services for various industries in various fields, and to win the trust of our customers at home and abroad and certainly.

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